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Our Programs

At our core, we're devoted to empowering the bright, budding talents of our youth, championing their potential to create a brighter tomorrow. Through mentorship, resources, and opportunities.

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YOUTAF School For All (YSFA)

School-For-All Program is a free five weeks intensive educational and empowerment workshop to help underrepresented youths discover their purpose in life, draft their vision, set academic goals, and work toward becoming leaders. The workshop includes 3-hours of training per week for five weeks. The successful participants that completed the five-weeks workshop, will receive education supports, such as free laptops, books, and other study materials to forestudies. They will be Connected to mentors and home tutors to help them excel in their studies. YOUTAF School-For-All has continuous in-take through out the year.


Strengthening Youths Against Suicide (SYAS)

The Strengthening Youths Against Suicide program is an expansion initiative of the Integrated Youth Growth-Oriented Program (INYOGOP) aimed at addressing social, economic, and systemic challenges faced by youths in Canada, particularly in Alberta. Leveraging the resources of INYOGOP, the program seeks to establish an integrated educational and training framework to directly confront the underlying causes of suicide in Alberta. Central to the project is the development and deployment of Tri-Comm, an innovative AI-powered communication system facilitating the exchange of trauma and suicide-related information among parents, youths, and various solution providers including community-based organizations, educational institutions, and public agencies. Through targeted training and education, the program aims to empower 500 youths with evidence-based knowledge and strategies to prevent suicidal behaviors. Additionally, participants will engage in physical exercises as a therapeutic approach to address mental health issues and promote stability of thought.

Integrated Youth Growth-Oriented Program (INYOGOP)

The Integrated Youth Growth-Oriented Program (INYOGOP) is an intensive multifaceted initiative to address some of the pervasive challenges faced by young people and youth aged 15 to 30 years. The program adopts educational, mentorship, and practical approaches to solving the common issues faced by underrepresented youths in Alberta to achieve the common goal of balanced growth for all youths.
The program combines counseling, mentoring, and workshops to achieve varied developmental outcomes for youths in a 3-month intensive educational program customized to the most pressing needs of each participant

⁠Mentor-Mentee Matching 

Pair each youth with a suitable mentor based on their specific needs and interests. Mentors can provide guidance, share experiences, and serve as positive role models. Facilitate mentor-mentee interactions through regular meetings or virtual platforms. Mentors can provide academic support to help youth excel in their studies. This involves assistance with study techniques, exam preparation, educational goal- setting, and accessing additional learning resources.

Community Leadership Training

Conduct workshops that focus on leadership skills development, teamwork, and effective communication. Engage youth in team-building activities, problem-solving exercises, and leadership simulations to enhance their abilities in these areas.

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